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Watching videos of our own memories and events is quite an experience only if we could just jump right back in time.

Sitting on a couch in front of a TV or staring at a phone screen we look through all those moments of happiness and joy, yet we somewhat remain disconnected and alienated from the environment and people in those videos because of the two-dimensional setup of a screen. With Retrievable Memory this won’t be the case anymore as our immersive virtual reality experience will not only allow capturing of your event in a spell bounding 360 degree visual format, but it will then virtually take you back in time and put you in the middle of your most precious moments with your loved ones right around you.

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Time Machine

Digital imaging is a fast-paced technology and while not all the products are worth the investment some are bridges into tomorrow. The Virtual Reality experience offered by Retrievable Memory is a one of a kind chance for you to break the time dimension and travel into the most memorable day of your life, reliving all those moments that you cherish with those you love. Consider it a time machine for you to travel into past except that you have to invest today to be able to travel when you reach tomorrow!

What we offer

Our VR coverage packages include 360 degree visuals and audios from an important segment of your life in an exceptional quality, delivered to you as an exclusive VR experience. What stands out in these products is not only the technology, but the creative design of the moments in terms of editing, sound design and order of the events. Think about the birth of your child, your first kiss or the big day of your wedding. How much were you willing to pay to feel all that again through your eyes and ears? We can create all that as it unfolds, give it a dramatic touch, make it simply accessible and help you watch it again and again...

Can’t I just do it myself?

While in the future VR may become a routine way of storing memories it will always require a talent to maintain and create a dramatic version of it. The difference between a homemade video and a professionally shot film is in a way, how our work can be distinguished from an amateur product.
By developing creative and innovative techniques here at RM, we have succeeded in bringing together a great team of VR specialists and event videographers, whose offered packages cover life, not from the point of view of a voyeuristic electronic device, but through your own eyes. A memory so real, that you won’t be able to call it “the past” anymore.

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There are no packages or structured rates as your memory is as unique as you so shoot us an email and tell us about what you would like to preserve with as much info as you can. We will get in touch and follow up with all details that we might need and an estimation.

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