Live Coverage

As a technology Virtual reality has existed in various forms for over half a century and is common in military and aviation but as a mainstream consumer product, it’s never caught on well until now. Mostly stimulated by recent technical advances and of course Facebook’s $2 billion purchase couple of years ago of Oculus VR , which many believe was a huge bet by Mark Zuckerberg on virtual reality becoming the next major digital platform, tons of media and entertainment establishments are also actively seeking to develop their own presence in this arena by making preparations for a mass-market adoption widely projected to arrive in 2018.

These days with industry’s rapidly accelerating interest in virtual reality, which offers an immersive 360-degree viewing experience we can get the feeling of being present at a business meeting, a conference room, a public hearing, a sports event or simply at our distant cousin’s wedding who decided to marry in another continent. Far beyond just an enhanced version of a regular television screen, virtual reality seeks to provide a deeper sensory experience, to re-create the feeling of being physically present in a room or situation, and offer a new way for us to engage with our favorite people or activities.

To expand development in the field of Virtual Reality Retrievable Memory is offering Live coverage service, equipment rentals and technical team supervision for the following events: 

• Business Meetings
• Corporate events
• Education and training sessions
• Real Estate
• Private Parties
• Sport events
• Art festivals and galleries

If you are interested to acquire our services for any of the above purposes or if you have another event which you consider using a VR coverage for, please send us an email with as much info as you can including date, place and name of the event and we will get back to you with some suggestions or solutions.