Memo Recreation

Beside innovative technology Virtual Reality offers an amazing opportunity to see something from the first-person point of view. And unlike a typical film or TV experience where a director makes all the decisions on what a viewer sees, in virtual reality the viewer has total control over where they choose to focus. Stimulated by this amazing feature, inspired by stories of people around us and being artists/visionaries in our core existence we have developed the idea of recreating memories.

We find immense pleasure in watching people reliving the most important moments of their lives with their loved ones. A dad holding his baby for the first time in a surgery room is an indescribable feeling, two lovers first kiss is the highlight of so many lives, a mom’s feelings as she sends away her dear child in the first day of school cannot be explained in words yet to record these moments and to relive them years later through the VR experience is priceless. Unfortunately for some of us, many of these moments have already taken place long before the age of VR, but they are stored in a deep and dear little space in the back of our minds, fading away as we grow old. Retrievable Memory, as its name suggests, uses modern technology, filmmaking skills and our dramatization passion to recreate those precious moments.

Stay tuned and follow us along as creative souls in our Memory Recreation team work to make this become a reality.